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New star-rated international hotels and first-class facilities are making Ujung Pandang increasingly attractive as a place to stay and to enjoy especially the shopping, which is eclectic and varied. It is also an ideal base from which to appreciate the many sights of the Province.


Night - time transforms the palm-line waterfront into Sunset Strip, the', longest restaurant in the world. As the sun sinks into Makassar Bay, stallholders appear wheeling their food carts, and soon the air is filled with appetising smells of barbequing sate, frying mee goreng or pisang goreng and a host of other delicious dishes and drinks ready to be enjoyed. The stalls stay open way into the night as customers sit at tables or on the sea wall to enjoy the cool evening breezes while they eat.

Ujung Pandang is best known for its fresh and delicious seafoods, especially the Bugis style ikan bakar or barbequed fish. Try the specialty fish of the region, the Baronang- its tender white flesh and subtle taste is a favourite especially when eaten with the tantalising Bugis sauce, a taste-tingling blend of palm sugar, basil, green tomatoes, chill) and other secret ingredients.

Other Sulawesi favourites are the tangy marquisa fruit from the cool mountain areas of Mamasa and Malino. Even if the marquisa is out of season, you can take home the delicious bottled syrup. Toraja kopi (coffee) is much appreciated by the Japanese and both arabica and robusta strains grow in Toraja mountain plantations

Sunset Strip




In Ujung Pandang the streets are lined with gold or at least with gold shops! Jalan Somba Opu is the place to go, right in the centre of town behind the Makassar Golden Hotel. Here, the superb craftsmanship and reasonable prices of the glittering gold jewellery make it a haven for people from all over Indonesia. Also keep a look out for the lovely filigree silver jewellery and beautifully crafted models of pinisi, becaks and various other icons of Sulawesi life, all at reasonable prices.

There is also a plethora of souvenir shops and shops selling antique Bugis silver, antique celadon stoneware from China, brilliant Bugis silks, carved wooden figures and carved Toraja crafts. Cheaply-priced clothes, bed linens, shoes, travel gear and denims are all available at unbelievable prices at the main shopping area of Sentral.